When you live in an area for a long time, change seems to happen very slowly.  Yes, in a normal (non-pandemic) year, a few businesses close, and a few businesses open.  But, with the exception of a year like 2020, you don't drive down the street and see a bunch of new (or newly closed) businesses.

That is why it is such a shock to see what a certain storefront or building looked like ten or fifteen years ago.

Thanks to Google Maps' Street View, that is something we are now able to do.

Google Maps Pics Show Us How Much Augusta Has Changed In The Last Two Decades

These photos show how Augusta has changed in the last two decades. Do you remember shopping, doing business, eating, or drinking at some of these now gone businesses?

Please note that some of these address may have changed.

One of the things that sticks out most to me is how the types of businesses in a certain place changed completely.  For example, the spot where Delia's Restaurant used to be is now a space used by a company that provides therapy services.  Also, it is kind of cool to see all the new construction.  Where there was a rundown building in 2007 now stands a beautiful office complex.

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