No pop-punk band has a better collection of music videos than Sum 41. (Sorry Blink) Tapping into the summertime nostalgia of the early 2000s, the entire band watched their classic clips, reacting to them and sharing never-before-heard stories from each video.

“In Too Deep” was a tribute to the Rodney Dangerfield cult classic Back to School. Midway through Warped Tour 2001, Sum 41 filmed their video where Back to School’s championship dive meet (and iconic Triple Lindy) was shot. Guitarist Dave Baksh reveals an offer was actually made for Dangerfield to appear in the video, but the legendary comic replied, “Tell them I don’t do music videos.” NOFX frontman Fat Mike also declined to make a cameo.

To this day, Sum 41 consider “Still Waiting” to be the most fun video they’ve ever shot. Mad TV comic Will Sasso appeared in the clip’s intro sketch, convincing the now-famous Sum 41 to rename themselves The Sums. “That was the funnest part of the whole video,” frontman Deryck Whibley recalls. “It was also the toughest part because you couldn’t laugh and he was so funny the whole time.” He adds, “[If we were gonna] perform, we had to have a couple of drinks, but then we did this all day, so by five in the evening we were pretty hammered.”

“We had no idea that some of this stuff even happened,” Whibley says about “Fat Lip.” Director Marc Klasfeld simply set up shop in Pomona, Calif., roaming the streets and asking random people to do crazy stuff for the camera. “A lot of props and stuff that’s in the video [is] stuff that kids just brought on their own,” bassist Cone adds. Sum 41 also dig deep into “Pain for Pleasure,” which was shot completely on accident during their lunch break.

Watch Sum 41 react to their classic music videos above and click here to grab the band’s new album Order in Decline.

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