Maybe we were all a little over confident up here in New England, but who could blame us? The New England Patriots always seem to find a way to win the biggest games, but when they do lose, it leaves us all with a little empty pit in our stomach. OR, if you're the Mayor of Portland, Maine, it'll also leave you with no hair.

Mayor Ethan Strimling made a bet prior to the big game with the mayor of a tiny town in Pennsylvania called...Portland. The bet was simple, if the Patriots win, the may of Portland, PA would shave his head. If the Eagles were victorious, then Strimling had to cut those luscious locks. We all know the ending.

Even prior to the results of the Super Bowl, a few interested parties took to Twitter to visualize what Strimling would look like without that fantastic head of hair. And....

We're unclear if the bet requires the loser to go all the way to nothing or if Strimling can get away with a solid crew cut. Either way, Mayor Strimling will be debuting a new look for the rest of the winter. Compliments needed.

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