Let's face it, nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to Maine vanity plates. The shock has worn off when it comes to profanity, as the abundance of 4-letter words seen on cars has almost become old hat.

The new game to play? Deciphering what message someone is trying to convey in 7 letters in their jumbled mess of a license plate. Now that's a challenge.

And one recent vanity plate spotted and shared on Reddit by Figment1979 is definitely open to interpretation.

Butt? Bait? Bat? Beat? More questions than answers here... from r/Maine

If you can't quite make out the letters in the above photo, the license plate reads CHKURBT. The first portion of this vanity plate seems pretty straightforward, CHECK YOUR what, exactly?

The Redditor suggested a few ideas. Perhaps the person driving around this vehicle is a proctologist and is relaying the message to Check Your Butt. Maybe the person behind this vanity plate is a club DJ and they want you to Check That Beat. Sick. Maybe the person behind this vanity plate is an avid poker player and is stating they could check or bet. Far reaching for sure.

The consensus amongst commenters seemed to be that this vanity plate is parlaying the message Check Your Bait. An expression often shared amongst fisherman when things aren't going great. It does seem the most plausible of all the possibilities.

Have you come across any more riddle-like Maine vanity plates? Share them with us so we can all attempt to decipher the code.

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