Stanley Cup Visiting Maine
Of all the major sports trophies, none is more majestic than the heralded Stanley Cup. And until just a couple weeks ago, Lord Stanley's Cup had never visited Maine because of a winning players contribution to a championship team but that will all change in August thanks to Brian Dumoulin...
NHL Ref from South Portland Is An Internet Superstar
Did you know the best referee in the NHL lives in South Portland? His name is Wes McCauley and the other night he made the greatest goal announcement in the history of the NHL.  Over the top? No way. The video is going viral.
Maine's Best HS Rivalry?
Full disclosure right up front, I'm writing this article as someone who grew up in Lewiston, Maine and attended Lewiston High School. I recently came across an article from longtime Lewiston Sun-Journal columnist Kalle Oakes that suggested that the hockey rivalry between LHS and St...
Portland Pirates Come Home!
The Portland Pirates return to The Cross Insurance Arena in Portland this Saturday night for their home opener against the Providence Bruins. The Pirates played last season in Lewiston and are excited to return to Portland. We checked in with Pirates' star player Alex Bolduc. He gives us an exclusiv…
B's Are Perfect
The Boston Bruins opened the new season with an exciting 2-1 win over the Philadelphia Flyers as Chris Kelly scored the game winner with just under two minutes to play in the game.
Pirates are Back in Town!
With a newly renovated Cross Insurance Arena and hockey in our hearts, there's no better time for the Portland Pirates to return home for the up-coming season and the future. Check out their sched and score tix at a GREAT price.