What puts you in the holiday spirit? Music? Decorations? Getting together with family?

Many people celebrate Christmas in July, you know the halfway point to Christmas. Of course, they still celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day, but why not enjoy the holiday in the summer as well.

Well, I was in for a shock when I went to Tequilera Mexican Restaurant in Scarborough, Maine, last night.

Why was I shocked? Well, as I sat there on Taco Tuesday eating my unlimited tacos (chicken or beef) for only $7, sipping on a delicious (and strong) margarita, and listening to the music playing I noticed something.

Mid (my fourth) taco, I realized that there were actually two speakers playing music. One was playing Mexican songs while the other was playing Christmas music. Yes, Christmas music in June, and honestly I wasn't upset by it. I don't know if it was because of the margarita that I was drinking, but I quickly put down my taco, to sing along to "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree."

It was my first time going to Tequilera Mexican Restaurant, and I need to say it will not be the last time that I go there. The food was absolutely delicious, plus their margaritas are huge and strong (but still tasty).

Do I think that they will always be playing Christmas music, no probably not, but it was fun that they did play it last night.

If you are interested in visiting (and trying out) Tequilera Mexican Restaurant, they are located at 183 US-1 in Scarborough, ME.

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