We're no fashion gurus here at WCYY, but it's clear that Bill Belichick's game day apparel lands perfectly in-between seriously intimidating football coach and stay at home dad. With Super Bowl LI coming up tomorrow, we thought we'd dig into one of the coach's most iconic fashion choices - his signature cutoff sleeves.

First, the Pros. NFL coaches are constantly having to make arm motions and gestures when communicating with players on the field (as well as maybe an obscene gesture or two if they're being humiliated). Belichick's cutoff sleeves reduce the amount of clothing he'd have to fight with to get his hands up, and make what he's doing more clear.

New England Patriots Practice
Getty Images

Now, the Cons. Especially in the photo here, it looks like that windbreaker was pretty expensive. Why ruin nice, expensive clothing by slicing off the sleeves? Additionally, the cuts all seem to be in different places. Unless t-shirt/jacket hybrids are going to become a thing, a lower, uniform cut might not hurt. We're not saying we don't like it - it just seems a bit odd.

We're not the only ones to have noticed this phenomenon. The WCSH 6 Morning Report recently paid homage to this distinct look. Watch below:

What do you think of the Belichick Sleeve? Let us know in the comments! ...And, as goes without saying, GO PATS!!

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