Garbage cans are overflowing along the Eastern Prom in Portland. Who's to blame?


Food trucks that line the Eastern Prom are getting blamed by Portland for the trash problem. Portland says that litter has been exploding since all the food trucks parked along the busy roadway. Trash cans are overstuffed and litter is falling into the streets and grass. But food trucks, pretty much all in unison, say that it's not them! They bring their own trash cans for customers and they feel like they are getting a bad rap.


According to the Portland Press Herald, this is turning into some serious finger-pointing. Portland has even threatened to ban trucks on the Prom as a response (but is backing down saying that is NOT the end goal at all!). The fight was taken to social media when one food truck owner said that they ARE cleaning up every day they show up. They then called out Portland, saying the city isn't providing enough maintenance on their end.

Who is really to blame? Well, it could be seagulls! At night, trash might be getting thrown around by those trash eaters!

Portland is optimistic that this is a temporary problem. With in-door dining back, that might ease traffic at food trucks. There are staffing issues for Portland (over 12 open positions) contributing also. Staffing issues strike again! To solve this litter problem, we are all gonna need to work together.



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