I am really starting to believe that there is a curse that was placed on the Walmart parking lot, well more specifically the Walmart pole. Ever since I moved to Maine in February of 2022, I have constantly heard about people driving into the pole.

Yes, there are other places and poles that get hit daily, but the frequency at which it happens at the Auburn, Maine, Walmart is ridiculous.

Honestly,  I cannot count how many times the Auburn Walmart pole has been hit. However, if you have been keeping track, then you will want to add another tally to your list as the pole was hit again last Wednesday.

Many people flocked to the Facebook group, Maine's Idiot Spotters to share photos and videos of the accident.

On Wednesday, November 23rd, Police, Firefighters, and ambulances responded to the Auburn Walmart parking lot, after a vehicle hit the pole just right and ended up flipping over on its side. This is not the first time that a car has hit the Auburn pole and flipped over.

Why the yellow poles at the Auburn Walmart keep getting hit is really a mystery to me.

The yellow poles at the Auburn Walmart, have had so many incidents that there is a Facebook page devoted to it "The Auburn Walmart Pole Strikes Again."

Now, is there a lesson to be learned? Yes! Especially when you are driving in the parking lot of the Auburn Walmart, you need to keep your eyes open, slow down, and be aware of your surroundings.

Below are some more times that Auburn Walmart's poles have been hit.

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