Maine is lined with amazing coastline views, incredible wildlife and hundreds of natural reasons people flock here to visit. But in the small town of Bucksport, some of that natural beauty has taken a backseat to perhaps the towns greatest attraction, the cursed tomb of Colonel Jonathan Buck.

As legend goes, Colonel Buck was a Revolutionary War hero. In the 1700's, Buck and his family traveled to Maine to began a new settlement that would later be named Bucksport. Buck served as the town judge, and eventually was faced with a case where a young woman was accused of practicing witchcraft. Buck, a Puritan, sentenced the young woman to death. Unfortunately for Jonathan Buck, right before her death, she placed a curse on him.

According to Town of Bucksport's website, the famous quote attributed to the young woman goes like this;

"Jonathan Buck, listen to these words, the last my tongue will utter. It is the spirit of the only true and living God which bids me speak them to you. You will soon die. Over your grave they will erect a stone that all may know where your bones are crumbling into dust. But listen, upon that stone the imprint of my feet will appear, and for all time, long after you and you accursed race have perished from the earth, will the people from far and wide know that you murdered a woman. Remember well, Jonathan Buck, remember well."

The tall tale has been circulated for decades although no tangible proof has been found suggested anyone was sentenced to death, hung or burned for witchcraft here in the state of Maine. However, one thing remains undeniably true, the odd foot-shaped mark that still exists on the tomb of Jonathan Buck.

Buck's grandchildren are responsible for erecting the monument in honor of their grandfather in 1852. It wasn't long after the monument stood, that the eerie leg and foot-shaped mark began to show directly underneath Colonel Buck's name.

To the credit of the Town of Bucksport, they fully understand that this mythical legend has brought tourist attention to their small town. The tomb is now easily accessible off of Route 1 and can be found across the street from their local Hannaford.

The real question is....what do you believe?

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