Ghost Stories

USM Dorm Haunted?
For years, stories have been passed through the campus of the University of Southern Maine about a haunted dorm, are they true?
Ghost Dog In Acton
For decades, the small town of Acton, Maine has allegedly had a spiritual visitor who seems to be looking for its lost leg on the beaches of Loon Pond.
A Haunting In Maine?
The ghost of Hannah Straw allegedly has been spotted many times after he body was buried beneath the kitchen of the Old Straw House in Newfield, Maine.
Haunted Tomb In Maine?
Maine is lined with amazing coastline views, incredible wildlife and hundreds of natural reasons people flock here to visit. But in the small town of Bucksport, some of that natural beauty has taken a backseat to perhaps the towns greatest attraction, the cursed tomb of Colonel Jonathan Buck...
Haunting In Millinocket
There are hundreds of ghost stories in Maine to comb through but few have as many "encounters" as have been reported about the "White Lady of Millinocket". That's the name given to the apparition that dozens of people have claimed to see on a bridge located o…