For more than a month, people across the globe have been fascinated by a natural phenomenon in Westbrook, Maine. The Westbrook ice disk has caused increased tourism in the area and even though the same attention isn't being paid to it as when it was first discovered, the ice disk still lives on. For now.

Shared on Twitter by City Of Westbrook ME, photos taken of the ice disk on February 6th show that while the perfect circular shape of the disk is a thing of the past, the ice disk is still continuing to exist in its current form. In fact, on Wednesday, the ice disk once again began to rotate, the first time it had done that in days. But now the question is, how much longer does the ice disk really have?

The short answer; probably not much longer. The atmospheric conditions aren't lending itself to long-lasting ice disks, and forecasted temperatures in the 50's couple with potential rain could finally put the nail in the coffin of the famed Westbrook ice disk.

So plan your final trips to the riverbank in Westbrook and say goodbye to the ice disk. Who, maybe next winter we'll get to see it again? Moose, Beer, Lobster and Ice Disks?


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