For many in the Saco community, it came as a shock. For tourists that will arrive for a summer vacation in 2018 looking for a lane, they will be surprised. Another Maine bowling alley with community ties is set to close their doors for good, as Vacationland Bowling and Recreation Center announced on Facebook that they will be shutting down in mid-October after 34 years in business.

Vacationland's closure was caused by a number of factors. As longtime owners Bert and Claire Dube spelled out in their heartfelt Facebook message, a combination of health and age, along with wanting to spend more time with their own family forced their hand in closing the beloved bowling alley.

Unfortunately for fans of strikes and spares, there won't be a new owner interested in keeping the alley alive. Instead,  the building that has housed many memories has been purchased by Southern Maine Motors, who will transform the space into an expanded storage and service facility.

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