Anyone that lives or travels through Portland is probably willing to agree on one thing, Forest Avenue during peak times is the absolute worst. The lengthy street is part of some of the most brutal, and worst thought out, intersections that exist in the state of Maine. So here's the fun news Forest Ave travelers, your commute is about to get much worse.

According to the Portland Press Herald, a multi-million dollar redesign of Woodfords Corner is set to begin on Monday with hopes that when the project is done, traffic will flow smoother through the congested intersection as well as improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The project will include adding a dedicated bike lane as well as widening to two lanes as Forest Ave passes by Woodfords Street. That part of Forest Ave has been a traffic nightmare for years now. Project developers hope the new design will increase traffic flow and decrease road rage. The widening will come at the price of curbside parking in front of some of the businesses in the neighborhood, including the Veranda Asian Market.

So what's the big problem? How long the project is going to take to complete. Utility companies will begin their work next Monday, with most of their work coming at night. The word most means that SOME will happen during daytime hours, which could send the already congested area into absolute gridlock. They'll halt construction when the winter hits and resume in April. The competition time? Winter of 2018. That's a longgggggg project.

Motorists are encouraged to avoid the area any chance they can during construction times.

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