Up and coming LA based band The Moth and The Flame stopped by CYY for a visit. The band released their debut album in 2011 via physical copies only. Bold move this day in age but they wanted to show their appreciation for album artwork. Brandon, Michael, Andrew and Mark spent a couple hours with us before hittin' J's Oyster for some true Maine seafood...it's the thing to do when you're visiting. Watch them perform acoustic here at the radio station.

The video for their new single "Young and Afraid" is very well cool! It features 60 year old skateboarder, Neal "The Dude" Unger. With the song content focusing around being "young at heart", they thought Neal would be perfect to capture what the song is all about in video form...definitely worth checking out!

They're hittin' the road with In The Valley Below who you may have caught in August at the CYY Portland Lights Music Festival at the Maine State Pier.