If you've driven by Cash Corner recently, maybe you've seen the new fire station going up. The new Cash Corner Fire station in South Portland is getting near completion and it's looking good. It looks like the April 1 deadline will be hit. South Portland has about 74 full-time firefighters and 35 or so paid-on-call firefighters.


South Portland FD
South Portland FD

This new building will have two floors. There will be living space and classroom space for training. Currently, the Cash Corner crew is at the Western Avenue station until this new beauty is ready for action.



The old station on Cash Corner was built in 1970. Can't you tell by the very 70's architecture? There was one little problem with this building. It had no ventilation! So, you guessed it, things got moldy. The renovation would have cost as much as a new building so the building was demolished last February and new construction began. THIS will have ventilation and all the bells and whistles these heroes deserve!

Remember this iconic station?


Congrats to the City and our South Portland Firefighters for all they do. You are the best and you deserve the best! We'll see you at the Grand Opening this spring!


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