By mid-morning tomorrow, the blowtorch will be activated across the state of Maine with high temperatures expected to reach the low 80's from Kittery to Madawaska. But according to the Portland Press Herald, the National Weather Service is warning Mainers that despite warmth, the Atlantic Ocean is still bitterly cold and could leave you in a world of hurt if you attempt to swim in it.

The NWS isn't suggesting you stay off or out of the water completely. But if you're planning a day off from work for some quality time in the sweet heat with a little ocean mixed in, take the proper precautions when it comes to protective wear. The NWS estimates it would take only a few minutes for the frigid water to incapacitate a swimmer.

Additionally, if you're out boating tomorrow, be extra careful on choppy water, as even life jackets won't be enough to challenge the effects of the bitter water, and hypothermia can set in quickly, leaving someone in an extremely precarious position.

So enjoy your preview of summertime tomorrow (and a little taste on Thursday as well) but be smart about your activities so that when summer actually comes in full force, you can really enjoy that water.

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