The initial Down East Lobster Roll Festival took place this weekend at Thompson's Point in Portland with lots of anticipation surround the lobster roll competition and a chance to sample offerings from around the country. But according to the Portland Press Herald, before people ever got the chance to rave about the event, there was a lot more ranting.

More people showed up for day-of tickets than event organizers had planned on. That left lines extremely long and ticket holders extra unhappy. Compounding the issue was parking for the event, which seemed to dwindle down to nothing in an instant. Making matters worse, a string of severe thunderstorms and hail hit at what should have been the peak of the festival, leaving the tents and tables in disrepair.

In the social media age we live in, the event organizers were left with more than 100 angry comments and complaints about the Lobster Roll Festival on their Facebook page. Eventually comments had to be disabled because of the negativity. Event organizers apologized vehemently for the festival being cut short and any people who experienced a less than satisfactory time.

However, they're going to use that feedback and try again next year. Many of the vendors and ticket holders did enjoy themselves. That mix of feedback and the overwhelming interest have made the decision for organizers. Come back in 2018 and make it better.

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