Slugger the Sea Dog

If you’ve read any of my articles before or tuned into the Q Morning Show, then you know I have a major crush on the Portland Sea Dogs Mascot, Slugger. I love this mascot so much that Lori actually surprised me with a visit from Slugger himself one random morning for the ultimate gift I’ll never forget.

Our MILB team here in Portland has one of the most iconic mascots and that’s not just me being biased because he’s actually won multiple awards in the Mascot Hall of Fame.

Live sporting events have so much going on, are full of energy and excitement, and mascots just add to that joy by adding even more entertainment and humor to the events.

My Miserable Mascot Audition Moment

I am an extremely outgoing and dramatic person so when I was in college at the University of Miami, I was told by multiple people that I should audition to be our school mascot, Sebastian the Ibis.

Florida A&M v Miami
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I wanted to be our iconic school symbol, sprinting out onto the Miami Dolphins field before our football games waving the flag and getting everyone pumped up. I wanted it so bad.

Well, a traumatic 3-hour audition resulted in an email letting me down. Apparently, I do not have what it takes to wear a duck costume.

That’s a whole other store to deep dive into another time.

Fret not, the Portland Sea Dogs seasonal job is not to actually BE the mascot, it’s just to help out.

You don’t need to be able to do a backflip but you do need to be cool enough to hang with Slugger himself.

That’s quite the big gig.

The Portland Sea Dogs Hiring Now

The Portland Sea Dogs are currently hiring for a Mascot Team Member to provide support and assistance to Slugger the Sea Dog and the Trash Monsters at Sea Dogs home games for promotions, skits, appearances, and community events.

Slugger is often seen around town, at huge community events and appearances, and just showing up where you wouldn’t expect him but you’re happy he’s there. Your role would be helping him out during these gigs, which is pretty freaking epic.

If I wasn’t so in love with my current job I would be the first in line to get paid to hang out with a local celebrity.

Sound like your type of job? Find out more about the position and apply here.

It’s part-time, it’s seasonal, and it’s one hell of a gig.

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