We're pretty lucky here in Maine - no super dramatic weather issues, peaceful quiet nights, and abundant nature really do make for a fantastic places to live. That's why, when something as odd as this incident happens, it seems all the stranger.

One year ago yesterday, 30 year old Asher Woodworth of Portland dressed up as a pine tree and tried to cross the street. According to MaineToday, the performance artist says he was intending to study how people reacted to the strange sight, and change their "natural choreography." Well, the only thing that really changed was that Woodworth ended the day in handcuffs, after refusing to comply with Portland Police's commands to, well, you know, move.

Fortunately, Woodworth made bail, seeing as it was only $60. He declined interviews with local news outlets, so his opinions on getting arrested are still shrouded in ambiguity. Tributes to the strange tree man are popping up all over social media today, but one question remains: what did we learn? How did people react to this guy's bizarre stunt?

Well, we're turning to you. What did you think of the tree guy? Have a touching tribute? Please, feel free to share in the comments! This is important scientific research, people.

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