Taylor (3rd from the left) singer for The Pretty Reckless was feeling a little under the weather which included her voice not at 100% when we hung out before the show. She was still as sweet as always and complained for a brief moment that she hated not being able to talk because that's pretty much all she does. After following the orders to not speak (even though we managed to squeeze a couple words out of her for the interview), she rallied and pulled off an awesome show for a sold out room at Asylum!

Here's the interview before the show. We chat about:

  • A crazy busy year of touring
  • Moving to Maine and becoming a Mainer
  • What's next on the agenda for the band


The band performing "Heaven Knows". The sound is a bit distorted but the video is awesome. Thanks to the man Nate Jenson for the footage!

CYY listeners meeting The Pretty Reckless before the show.

CYY listeners meeting The Pretty Reckless









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