A small error on the light up sign outside of Bubba's Sulky Lounge in Portland gave someone the inspiration to create a fantastic meme. See it here. 

Bubba's has been a staple of Portland nightlife seemingly forever, and for many of those years, Bubba's only had one of those "old-fashioned" signs where someone had to manually change the message every single day. When Bubba's got their all new digital sign a couple years back...well, game changed.

Reddit via Paulec252

But occasionally, even the best business owners can have a bit of a brain fart. That has to be the reasoning behind a sign that featured 80ties night. Bubba's features 80's nights each and every weekend, and perhaps somebody just got a little wordy with the sign. But that error inspired this great meme, courtesy of Redditor Paulec252.

Reddit via Paulec252

Yes, 80ties night would be something to behold. A true night of gentleman or gentlewoman, all sharing the stories and history about their pounds of neckwear. In fact, we'd argue that Bubba's should take this error and run with it. Anyone that is willing to show up with 80 ties wrapped around their neck gets in for free. 80 ties for the 80's, night sells itself.

Ps. our neck already hurts.