Leave it to Las Vegas to invent a Church of Bacon although it kind of makes sense considering the amount of Elvis impersonators. But no, the Church of Bacon isn't some mythical being like a Unicorn, it exists. It got some national press yesterday by boycotting bank Wells Fargo for "discrimination" of the Church's non-beliefs. The Church claims that they are legit, offering wedding services with the aroma of bacon in the air and a Sunday School podcast led by famous magician Penn Jillette. And just in case you still don't "believe", check out their finely polished website here.


HOT TAKE: Praise the swine! I'm not here to tell you what you should and shouldn't have faith in. I do know one thing, I have faith that bacon ALWAYS tastes delicious. It's almost hard to believe someone hadn't thought up the idea of a bacon church before this. and Penn from Penn & Teller is on board? LEGIT DUDE. I've never been to Vegas, but when i visit, I'm playing poker, gawking at some showgirls and then sitting in on a service at the Church of Bacon.....I'm hungry.