Maine may not be the largest state. Okay, we are nowhere close to being even a medium-sized state. However, that hasn't deterred the rock world from entertaining the masses of Mainers looking to let loose.

Maine has had a tremendous history of live rock shows. Portland, Bangor, Old Orchard Beach, the college towns, and even Oxford Plains Speedway have hosted some of the biggest names in the industry. Some bands were here before they made it big, while others arrived already having vast amount of success. Either way, it's been a win for Maine rockers from Kittery to Fort Kent.

This unique rock history also includes plenty of love from many of the greatest women in rock ever.

The women of rock are exceptional. They also remain immensely underrated to this day. Sure, their numbers are much lower than their male counterparts, but it shouldn't take away from what many have accomplished.

A plethora of these badass rocking ladies have won grammies, sold out entire tours, and earned platinum and gold records (when people actually still bought albums).

We Maines have been fortunate to have many of these legends and younger stars grace us with their presence and talent. Hall-of-Famers like the Wilson Sisters, Tina Turner, Pat Benatar, Carole King and others have performed across the Pine Tree State. Meanwhile, rockers from the younger generations like Hayley Williams and Brittany Howard, have also wowed Maine crowds with their iconic sound.

Below is a list of 20 women rockers/bands that have a cool touring history in Maine. This history goes back to the 70s with some of them\. The history of women in rock is legendary. It's great that Maine embraced it so much. Here's to the present and the future.

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Here's a look at many of the greatest women in rock 'n roll and their touring history in Maine. The data was collected from, a site dedicated to preserving live music history.

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