As summer begins to wind down, so too does the lobster "season" here in Maine. Unless that lobster is made of delicious chocolate.

Reddit via Pobunny
Reddit via Pobunny

Shared on Reddit by Pobunny, Haven's Candies in Westbrook has a 410 pound chocolate lobster as a display centerpiece. The truth is, the gigantic chocolate crustacean has been part of the Haven's family for quite some time. Nicknamed "Shelby", the chocolate lobster was created as part of Haven's 50-year celebration back in 2015. People enjoyed the lobster so much, Haven's decided it should remain a centerpiece of their display case.

Haven's is well known as a purveyor of sweet treats, including their incredible saltwater taffy. If you want to see Shelby, it's on display at the Haven's factory store at 87 County Road in Westbrook.

Oh, and we're going to need a bigger chocolate boat...

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