If you're someone who still loves board games and wouldn't mind one all about Maine, this sounds great. But where in the world can you find a copy?

When you're killing time at work, sometimes you find yourself scrolling through pictures on Instagram, checking out how other people are spending their days. So imagine our surprise when we stumbled across this picture, a board game that appears to be all about Maine!

We immediately went to Google and thought, "let's get one of these for ourselves" but guess what? No tangible results. It's not being marketed on a website, no retail stores popping up that carrying it. Heck, even e-Bay is devoid of any auctions where we could pay double just to get our hands on it. So the question becomes, is this thing even real?

Certainly looks that way from the Instagram photo. "Adventures In Maine", certainly looks like it could be fun. It could be challenging too, considering it's a trivia game based on the Pine Tree state.

So anyone got any leads? Have a copy collecting dust at home that you want to pass along to us? Just tell me more about how the game works, and whether or not the trivia questions are difficult!

All of this because of one Instagram photo....what a world!

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