Man, do we miss concerts here at CYY. It's where we are most alive and where we get to hang with YOU. One of our most favorite spots in town is AURA. And not just because it's 100 yards from the CYY studios so we can sneak away for a beer to the AURA sports grill in the middle of the day. Well, THAT plus all the historic CYY moments we have shared with Krista and her crew over the years. First at Asylum and for the past several years at one of the greatest live music venues in America with AURA. In lieu of any live music happening, we thought we would bring you back to some CYY shows from AURA.

Here's a CYY fave from 2019.


And one of the most-played songs in CYY history with Collective Soul.


By the way....AURA is doing curbside now from their yummy Sports Grill. At least you can taste a little bit of AURA in your life. Order some tonite and then watch these awesome AURA videos.


The MMB's were with CYY from the early days!


And we gotta out in some local flavor here. Our friends from ARMIES here.



This is rock and roll. Bad Religion style.


BOOM with POD. Hang in there CYY peeps. We will be back at AURA soon enough. And when we do, let's make sure the music never stops!



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