Morgan, The king of Maine vanity license plates, drives all over the Pine Tree State to find the vanity plates known to man. You see, in Maine, you can write ANYTHING on your vanity plate, as long as it's seven characters. And you people can get away with A LOT in just seven characters. Vanity of Maine is the place to find the largest collection of plates anywhere. We loved this week's batch of Maine vanity plates as many seemed to have a Maine accent to them. So as you read these, do 'em in your best Mainah voice.  Wicked!

Here's one for all the skiers...oops, Skiahs..out there


This is cute. Go little Go Kaht!



This is a good Maine-ism and this Jeep is Way Haut.....


We do put this one in front of just about everything!


And oldie but a goodie. As in...."I've been finaglin'  to talk motha into letting me get a new truck..."


And the ever-popular, Hey Bub.

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