Feeling lucky! No? Me either! Any one person's chance at winning the jackpot in the lottery is slim, but then again, with the Patriots' help, maybe things will change!

As reported by WCSH-6 earlier today, our neighbors in NH are getting a shot at four $100,000 grand prizes in the form of Patriots-themed scratch tickets. As evidenced in the above Facebook post, this isn't the first time they've been available, so they must be popular. With any luck, these  tickets might help you come back from your own 28-3 scenario! If you're in deep, though, we recommend spending the money on a financial advisor.

Man scratching lottery card with coin
Tetra Images via ThinkStock

WCSH states that at the ceremony launching the tickets, Robert Kraft and Governor Sununu were handed the first two tickets, which the Governor insisted he pay for. As charming a gesture as that is - wouldn't it be unfortunate if one of them got one of the winning tickets? Talk about embarrassing.

After the launch ceremony, the Patriots offered a mini training camp for 25 local cheerleaders and 100 local football players. Why can't they do one of those in Maine? I don't even play football and I'd want to take a stab at training camp! In all seriousness, though, my brother Noah does play, and something like that would be right up his alley. Something to consider, Mr. Kraft?


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