Ok some of these I agree with and some I don't. I came across a list put together by Stuff, Life and Style. Lava lamp: I had one...when I was like 16. The photo above belongs to my co-worker Annie from our sister station, 103.7 The Peak. I was teasing her about it. She's standing firm by saying you're never too old to have a lava lamp.

Unframed posters: Yeah if you've moved out of the house into the real world, those gotta go. Dorm room? Sure. Apt or house? Nope...put a frame on 'em or take 'em down.

Collection of shot glasses: I do not agree with this! I have a collection. I think if they're displayed in the right place, they can be a fine piece of decor. For instance, on display over a shelf of liquor. If you're shot glasses have dirty, inappropriate images or phrases then sure, class it up a bit for company.

Beanbag chair: This is the same deal as the shot glasses for me. It depends on where it's displayed. If it's in your living room and you have no kids, then maybe it can go. They are so comfortable though, there's no denying that.

A huge shelf full of DVDs/CDs: Guilty. Yeah, maybe this day in age they can go. But where? I'm not going to throw them away and I'm certainly not ready to box them up. Netflix and other on demand services are great but who knows when I'll get the urge to watch "License to Drive" or "Howard the Duck"? If they're nearby and on display, they are on demand in my book! My CDs are on display in my room. Yeah, maybe I should consider putting these away....still not ready yet.

Not featured on the list:

Double bed: How the hell did this not make the list? Maybe you're saying to yourself "I'm single, I don't need a big bed." Yeah, well plan on staying that way.

Text books from school: You graduated from college 8 years ago, why do you still have Psych 101 on your mantle...next to your lava lamp.

Blacklights: This kind of goes in the lava lamp category, I suppose. Yeah, I had them too but when I moved out of my parents basement, they stayed behind. Plus, they can reveal a lot about you too....if you know what I mean.

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