Thirty Seconds to Mars are setting up to release their next album sometime this year. The band just dropped their second single from the album, "Dangerous Night," and they recently performed it live on  The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. 

The clip of the group performing is a lot different than what one would normally find on a late show performance and that's thanks to a robotic camera tracking the band through the song. There's a lot of heavy, electronic percussion through the track which imbues it with a dramatic edge. The melody shifts and turns through different genres, reaching an extremely poppy chorus. It never feels as though the music betrays the group's earlier works, with the future pop musicality sounding like the next step in evolution from past material.

The robot camera takes in shots of each member of the band, as well as a back up dancer, and Stephen Colbert himself enjoying the song. According to a press release from the band, Bitcoin was being mined onstage during the performance, although we couldn't find the source of it. Regardless, it promises to share information on how much was earned when it becomes available.

As of yet, Thirty Seconds to Mars' next album is untitled, although more information is becoming clear. They announced dates for their 2018 Camp Mars retreat, where fans can go with them on a summer camp activity in Malibu, Calif. Also on the horizon is their A Day in the Life of America documentary, which had a preview in their "Walk on Water" video.

See "Dangerous Night" above.

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