When I was younger, I was WAY into Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and other teeny cars that would race along those plastic tracks that worked like 1/10th of the time. It may not have functioned entirely well, but MAN was that fun! For some people though, that love of collecting little car replicas continues, and may even branch out into trains and planes.

Well, for any Mainer who counts him or her self among that group of people, I've got something for ya - A MAINE POLICE CRUISER MODEL!

Posted on YouTube by user dmackack, this thing even has functioning lights. Come on, how cool is that? Upon further inspection of dmackack's channel, I discovered that he has a Yarmouth cruiser too, as well as Connecticut and Worcester, MA. Sweet!

No word on whether this thing is a one off or commercially available, but talk about a sweet piece of desk decoration!

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