I love when stuff like this happens -- when someone becomes an A-list celebrity, or even just has some kind of success at all, and never forgets where they came from. That's what's great about the Wahlberg's, especially Donnie -- he's NEVER forgotten that he comes from New England.

According to an article that ran on People.com, Donnie was back home in Mass last week and popped by the Marshland Restaurant in Sandwich, a place he frequents a ton. His usual waitress (by his request) is a woman named Denise, who he's a fan of because she, according to the article, knows exactly what he likes and how he likes it -- steak tips with grilled asparagus and poached eggs.

The whole bill came out to $35.17 -- Donnie, who is always known as a good tipper at the restaurant, got up and told Denise everything was all set and payment was on the table. That's when she picked up his slip (and probably shattered her jaw on the floor with the sheer force it dropped at) and saw THIS for a tip:

That's right -- Donnie freakin' Wahlberg, out here lookin' out for our local waitresses/serves/food runners, dropping an over TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR TIP on a THIRTY-FIVE DOLLAR BILL. According to an article from WCVB Channel 5 Boston, this isn't the first time he's done that this year -- he dropped the same tip to an IHOP server (I mean, wouldn't YOU be that appreciative for a heaping pile of pancakes, too?)

Donnie wrote #2020TipChallenge at the bottom of the check, insinuating that he wants to make this a thing. Which, honestly, I'm SO here for. I don't even want to know what being a server is like right now -- no doubt pre-pandemic it already came with its fair share of receiving some disrespect from customers, but toss in a side of 2020 mentality with your order? WOOF. No thanks.

But seriously, Donnie is clearly a good dude and hopefully other celebrities (or even someone successful enough that can afford to do something like this) does something like this. The restaurant industry took a MASSIVE hit (and still is) because of all the restrictions this year -- the LEAST people in a position like Donnie Wahlberg can do is help out.

Big ups to Donnie for never forgetting where he came from. Those are the types of people that deserve all the good juju, respect, and love in the world.

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