A Maine Craigslist Ad found under missed connections began circulating on social media yesterday detailing an encounter at the Hannaford location on Forest Avenue in Portland. The headline alone should tell you everything you need to know about the ad, YOU FARTED NEAR THE BANANAS.


It is a hilarious blurb filled with indignation, hurt feelings and the instantly classic line "you are a liar and you fart like a Clydesdale". The ad made so many people around Maine laugh, the initial posting has been shared nearly 500 times. There's just one problem, it's fake.

That classic line we detailed above, copy and paste that into Google and guess what? According to Jezebel, you'll find the same exact ad with only minor modifications posted on Craigslist in Seattle back in 2012 . Yes, 6 years ago. So unless someone had an incredibly similar experience and miraculously found almost identical words to describe it, this fantastic missed connections from Hannaford on Forest Ave is a complete sham.

So if you were wondering if your crop dusting by the produce left you were an admirer, it didn't. Now clean up your act.

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