Rooftops are pretty hip places these days. From The ever classy rooftop pools and gardens seen in just about every crime movie, to Bayside Bowl's new rooftop bar, it looks like everyone wants a piece of the action.

Now, I've heard of people staying in trees to help preserve nature (or, at least I did from an episode of Arrested Development), but rooftops are a new one for me. According to WCSH-6, Kevin Fitzpatrick will live on the roof of Patriot Subaru on Portland Road in Saco until his goal of raising $35,000 for STRIVE is met. For more in this peculiar tactic, check out WCSH's video below:

Channel 6 reports that this isn't actually Kevin's first time. Amazingly, this will be the 5th year that he's pulled this noble stunt, and it's all because he followed his daughter to a STRIVE event 6 years back. He predicts that he'll be up on the roof for about a week or so, so if you feel bad for this guy with fall weather coming on, donating is a quick and easy way to get him down. Good luck, Kevin! Hope it doesn't get too cold up there!

For more info, check out the official website for Kevin on the Roof here.

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