There's nothing worse than getting stuck on the Casco Bay Bridge in Portland. Why does it always go up when I'm in a wicked big rush to get somewhere? I was stuck on the bridge this week and was catching up on some emails while I waited for the big ship to pass under when I heard the squeals of laughter. I looked up and saw two rollerbladers skating around on the bridge. Of course, because the bridge was up, there was no traffic hazard for the skaters to worry about, so they had the whole bridge to themselves. There is a walking/bike/rollerblading path on the bridge, but these two decided to go next-level and take over the whole road. It was pretty funny, and they seemed to be having a great time. Nice moves, ladies!


Did you know over 15,000 cars go over the Casco Bay Bridge every day? On average, 2 ships go through the bridge every day, causing traffic to stop and the bridge to go up. There is a way to get a heads up that the bridge is going up through New England 511. Basically, you tell the website about your commute or trip, and it gives you alerts. Sign up and put the Casco Bay Bridge on your list. You'll get a 15-minute heads up that the bridge is going up. Don't blame the bridge operators that they can't give you more time-they only get the15-minute heads up that a ship is headed in too. And a bridge operator is not allowed to make a ship wait or say no. The ships have the right of way!





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