Over the last few years, we have really seen a "ramen revolution" here in the United States.  The Japanese noodle soup has gone from being dirt cheap sustenance for college kids and others living on a budget, to being a real culinary experience.

Now, some of the best restaurants in the country serve up steaming bowls of ramen.  More than just a meal, these dishes are a true culinary experience!

One of the best places to get ramen in the State of Maine is at a tiny downtown Augusta eatery.

You'll find State Lunch on Water Street in Augusta.  A fairly new addition to Central Maine, the restaurant opened a few weeks before the pandemic rolled into New England.  Fortunately, Shawn and his team managed to keep the business afloat during the toughest time so it is here for us to enjoy.

Some of their signature ramen dishes include:

  • -Shio Ramen Bowl - It has house made ramen noodles, shio tare, rich broth, a chunk of pork belly and more.
  • -Spicy Shrimp Shio Ramen Bowl - It has those same house made noodles, mushrooms, cabbage, bean sprouts, and that jalapeno oil to give it a kick
  • -Thai Red Curry Chicken Ramen - My personal favorite this dish has grilled broccolini, bean sprouts, red onion, scallions, cilantro, and it has the right amount of kick.

They also have a great vegetarian ramen, too.

If ramen is not your thing, they have a menu filled with culinary adventures.  They have great burgers, sriracha chicken wings, bao buns, meatballs, salads, and more.  They also have these amazing french fries.  They are fried to perfection and then covered in garlic parmesan, and parsley.

They also have one of the most creative cocktail menus in the entire state.  Seriously!  Their cocktail selection rivals some of the restaurants in Boston.

Adam Jaime / Unsplash
Adam Jaime / Unsplash

Check out the food and beverage menu HERE

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