Part of the gig here at CYY is chattin' with the bands, not a bad deal! Back in May of 2008, it was a bit different. We weren't talking to the bassist of a band that's been around for five years (no offense of course), we were talking with the legendary Robert Smith of The Cure. We were waiting backstage at the Agannis Arena in Boston before the show and out comes the man himself. I'm not one to get too star-struck, except for when these situations arise. "Hey guys! How's it goin? You guys want a beer??" he says. "Ummm sure!" I had never heard of the beer he gave us, it wasn't that good either but it didn't matter.

We sat down for a little hang session. I tried to remain composed and told myself several times "he's just a regular person" and then I was like "no he's not, he's Robert Smith!" Although I tried to hide it, you can sense I'm a bit nervous for this one. What a great day and a super cool guy!

Robert Smith explains why he thinks The Cure has been so important for so long.

Robert Smith avoids appearing on "Cribs" and explains why it's good to think of every concert as your last.


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