Remember that part of quarantine where we were we were flocking to Facebook to sing karaoke, we got stimulus checks, and we all got sucked into Netflix's break-out docuseries, Tiger King? Ah, memories.

Well, two of the stars from Tiger King are making their way to Bangor for Bangor Comic and Toy Con that's scheduled for October 2nd through the 4th.

And no, "that b---- Carole Baskin" will not be there and of course Joe is in prison. But fan favorites Saff, and Jon Reinke will be in attendance according to News Center Maine. They'll be there during the duration of the event meeting fans and signing autographs as well as participating in a Q&A.

Saff, of course, had one of the more shocking moments of the show after having his arm ripped off by a tiger on camera and then opting to go back to work at Joe's zoo as soon as possible.

John Reinke was the easy-going employee with REALLY cool prosthetic legs. Oh, and a sick ride with a skeleton in the passenger's seat that you probably didn't notice because everything in the show was absolutely insane.

YouTube via Netflix
YouTube via Netflix

If you cool cats and kittens want in, tickets for the convention are available now at the Bangor Comic & Toy Con website here.

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