Tom DeLonge is the latest musician to utilize the Reverb online marketplace to sell off some of his gear, and for the musicians and collectors out there, here's a chance to pick up some key pieces of both his Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves history.

The Official Tom DeLonge Reverb Shop will go live on March 24, filled with synths, keyboards, amps, pedals, road cases and so much more.

“Over the years I’ve collected so much music gear used on different albums and tours, that now I am overflowing with this stuff. I need space for the next Angels & Airwaves run so that we can rehearse, do our stretching, hug and kiss each other, and all that other shit we have to do," says DeLonge.

He adds, "I want to pass this stuff on, and I’m thankful to be partnering with Reverb to do this. This gear has done so much for me and gave me a chance to bring my art to so many people. I really hope it can be used by somebody with the same aspirations I once held as a young musician. These are the kinds of tools that can take a musician from a bedroom, to a garage, and to the stage.”

In total, there are over 100 items currently available. You'll find Marshall JMP-1 and Mesa Boogie Triaxis amps that toured with blink-182 beginning in 2000 and were used for nearly fifteen years by DeLonge.

According to DeLonge, the amps they relied heavily on were part of rigs created based on blink-182 producer Jerry Finn’s tones from the studio. “A lot of these still have the original settings for the songs they were used on,” DeLonge said.

Other music gear that will be available in The Official Tom DeLonge Reverb Shop includes:

- Two Roland Fantom X6 workstation keyboards used on every Angels & Airwaves recording and tour up until 2011, according to DeLonge. “These Fantoms have been around as long as Angels & Airwaves,” he said.

- Seven MXR EVH-117 Flanger and five Fulltone Full-Drive2 Mosfet pedals that DeLonge began using during blink-182’s 2009 tour. According to DeLonge, these pedals came into play when Vox AC30s and Fender Twins became the main amps the band used for touring. “These were the only analog pedals in the chain as everything else was run through a processor,” DeLonge said.

- Several synthesizers, including one that still has Angels & Airwaves presets.

- Over a dozen road cases covered in blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves stickers from tours. Of the road cases, DeLonge said: “I think that it’s really cool that these have been around the world with me.”

“I’m excited for anybody that’s a fan of the music that I was fortunate enough to make and be part of to get their hands on this gear,” said DeLonge. “So hopefully you guys will find something you like. If you do end up owning some of this gear though, I need to warn you that there will be a few things that will happen: You will get more handsome and fans will flock to you. That’s part of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.”

To preview the gear that will be available in the Official Tom DeLonge Reverb Shop and to be notified when the shop goes live on March 24, click here. And check out additional photos of DeLonge's gear below.

The Official Tom DeLonge Reverb Shop Photo Gallery

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