Tirds at The Fair

Back in 2018, a video went viral of a woman at the Common Ground Fair selling her crafts. Seeing crafters and vendors at the Common Ground Fair is anything but uncommon, bu t this woman was pushing tirds.

Her enthusiasm over her "crappy products" was infectious and hilarious. So much so that the video went viral.

The video racked up over 3.3 million views in less than a month and today has more than 10 million views. The woman in the video, Mary Winchenbach, had such instant success that she quit her day job to focus on her moose-turd treasures.

Items featured in the Tirdy Works store range from turd earrings to clocks, picture frames, dingleberry ornaments, "Fecal people", and more. Check out all the items in the online store here.

Since then Winchenbach has only grown in popularity.


Winchenbach was then discovered by Daniel Tosh himself and featured on his show on Comedy Central, Tosh.0. She was featured as part of his regular CeWEBrity Profile bit that highlights individuals who went viral. The feature even explains why Winchenbach prefers the spelling "tird" rather than "turd".
[Heads up: NSFW Language]

Mary Winchenbach's personality was so huge that she caught the attention of TruTV and even got her own reality show, Tirdy Works that takes place in Somerville, Maine. The show debuted in 2020 and follows Mary and her friends and family as they try to get their business off the ground.

Leaves and Lobster Tour

Tosh is bringing his comedy to Merrill Auditorium on Saturday, September 11th with his Leaves and Lobster Tour. No word on if Mary is attending but we're sure Daniel Tosh can spare a pair for his sh*tty friend, Mary. Tickets go on sale to the public this Friday, April 29th.

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