Like many fellow Mainers, I love the viral video from 2018 of Mary Winchenbach hawking her unique gifts crafted with moose poop at the Common Ground Country Fair.

So when we heard that she had a chance to hit the big time with her own reality show, we got wicked pumped. Mary is quite a character and it seems only natural for her to be on television.

The premiere of the new series Tirdy Works happened this past Wednesday night at 10pm on truTV. That's past my weekday bedtime these days, so you can be damn sure that I recorded it. I am so glad that I did.

The show had me laughing wicked hard pretty much as soon as it began with it's one-of-a-kind cranky Maine humor.

It's was also great to be introduced to Mary's wife Deb and their beautiful foster children, Paige, Cody, and Katie.

Tirdy Works truTV via YouTube
Tirdy Works truTV via YouTube

Other people we meet are Mary's friends Tammi and her husband Craig. They help out with making the moose poop clocks.

I have to say, next to Mary, I predict that Tammi will become nearly as big a star of the show. She swears about as much or maybe more than New Hampshire's Hillbilly Weatherman. Tammi is the self proclaimed beer drinkin' "bitch on the hill" who also proudly states, "I'm a hard worker. And anyone that says I'm not...can go f*ck themself."

Tirdy Works truTV via YouTube
Tirdy Works truTV via YouTube

I grew up in Augusta so it is so very cool to see places featured on the show like Hussey's General Store in Windsor. The Tirdy Works show takes place in Mary's town of Somerville just a few miles down Route 105.

The first episode looks like it was filmed last fall. So the changing leaves and beautiful ponds and lakes around Somerville are stunningly scenic on an HDTV to say the least.

Here's the synopsis of the first episode of Tirdy Works from the truTV website.

"After her moose tird video went viral, Mary quits her job to focus full time on making Tirdy Works a viable business. Now faced with an ultimatum by her partner Deb, Mary must make the business profitable by winter’s end."

You wanna check out the trailer before you commit to watching the premiere? Here ya go.


Living in Maine, we all know someone that these country characters remind us of. Maybe they even remind us of ourselves. Hopefully viewers in the rest of the country can relate too. Can't wait till next week's sh*tty episode!

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