We've all been there. Driving down the road, not a care in the world. And then you see it. A police car. Sitting. Waiting for someone (like you) to come racing by.

You look down.

Panic sets in.

You're going 40 MPH.

It's a 25 MPH zone.

You hold your breath, hit the brakes, and hope.

You see the blue lights.

You know.

You messed up.

This happened to Briana Corriveau on Western Ave in Augusta. As someone who's personally worked in that area for years, I know first hand how easily one can just cruise down the hill.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Briana pulled into the Little Caesars parking lot, in her panic hit the curb but thought nothing of it in the grand scheme of the situation.

At this point, Officer Paradis of the Augusta Police Department approached her vehicle for the routine stop. Once he returned to his cruiser to run her information, Briana's heart dropped once more.

Her tire pressure light came on with only 17 minutes left of her break from work.

Officer Paradis notices this and not only called her a tow truck but ripped up her ticket on the spot.

He then drove Briana to the local VIP to get her tire replaced. And dropped her back off at work while the work was being done. She thanked him for his compassion and apologized for speeding. Officer Paradis insisted she not thank him as he felt terrible for what happened.

It doesn't end there.

When Briana returned to VIP to pick up her ride she discovered that Officer Paradis covered the cost of the tire.

It's nice to know that even in 2020, compassion and kindness aren't dead.

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