It's just about that time for students to return to the University of Southern Maine for the fall semester. And according to the Sun-Journal, a group of students may end up more "higher" education than they probably expected this fall.

Marijuana seedlings

The USM campus in Lewiston-Auburn will offer the school's first-ever elective course on marijuana. The professor for the course, Ike Levine, has wanted to teach it for several years now but there were a few hoops to jump through before he could make that happen. Now it's a go and the only thing Levine needs is interested students to fill the classroom.

The course will cover a variety of topics, including the cultivation of marijuana, the history of how it has been seen in the eyes of the public, and how modern medicine is using it today. While any marijuana use is banned on all USM campuses, Levine hinted that there could be "field trips", so that students can better understand what they're studying.

Right now, enrollment in the course is almost nonexistent. If that doesn't change, Levine will be forced to cancel the course before it even gets started.

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