It has been an awfully strange winter in New England. For most in the region, there's been a general lack of snow. Major rain and windstorms have been just as a common as major snowstorms.

Warmth has also been the name of the game. Despite the fact that most of New England saw more cloud cover in January than in years past, the temperatures in the region were surprisingly mild. After the groundhog predicted an early spring, is all hope lost for snow lovers in Maine and Massachusetts?

Not so fast, my friend. February's docile start is likely to shift next week. There's a storm brewing that should level New York with piles of snow early next week. Initial forecast runs had that storm heading out to sea, but things appear to be changing.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, both the EURO and GFS models have that storm staying close enough to the coastline to drop some plowable snow across the region. And unfortunately for pre-planned date nights, that storm could arrive on Valentine's Day.

Massachusetts and portions of New Hampshire would likely get hit the hardest, with up to a foot of snow possible. Southern Maine and the midcoast would likely see between four-to-six inches of snow as well. That would put a damper on Valentine's Day plans, but not ruin them.

Tropical Tidbits
Tropical Tidbits

With this potential storm being nearly a week away, its track and just how powerful it will be should come into better focus over the next 48-72 hours.


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