The Venture Bros. production has changed quite a bit over the years, once airing 13 episodes a season over largely unbroken runs, and now averaging eight with various specials in between. The same may apparently be true of Season 7, some of which has already been written, and may end up as a go-between special after Season 6.

Revered creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer spoke to TVInsider of the final two Venture Bros. episodes of Season 6, as well as the series’ future beyond. Intriguingly, the pair revealed that they’d back-burnered their original idea for the two-part Season 6 finale in favor of newer (and admittedly less climactic) stories. Says Publick:

The story we’re writing now would have been the season finale, but we didn’t get to it. We weren’t ready for it when it came time to write the last two scripts. And there was actually a little confusion for a while as to whether or not the Gargantua special counted against our 10-episode order, so we were writing like four different stories at the same time not knowing whether we had two scripts left or four.

When it turned out we only had two, we were like, “Alright, I guess we should do our finale.” And then we thought, “No, we haven’t really earned it yet. We need to flesh out this Monarch arc a little more....” So we made a judgement call and wrote two other stories that we were very excited about.

Publick explained that the same was true of last season, reaching their script order ahead of a proposed finale, which ultimately led to “All This and Gargantua-2” filling the role, rather than air as a Season 6 premiere. The current story has been eyed as a Season 7 premiere, though Publick acknowledged the possibility of their minds changing:

Publick: At the moment, it would be the premiere for the next season. But you never know with us. Just like the Gargantua special, once we actually produced it, we went, “Hey, it would be much better to just put this on TV now than wait until the rest of the season is done.” It lent itself to being a special. This story we’re telling right now is not a special. Right, Doc?

Hammer: Yeah, the Gargantua one had such an epic scope, and it wasn’t happening on the Venture Compound. It kind of worked as a special. But this is just the last part of the story. Although we were tinkering with putting it at a certain time that would make it a special.

In the meantime, the duo acknowledges that Sunday’s penultimate “A Party for Tarzan” will prove the more climactic of Season 6's last two episodes, to the point they’d even attempted to reverse the order, but couldn’t adjust for continuity.

Stay tuned for the latest on The Venture Bros.’ big finish in the meantime.

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