A 29-year-old Brunswick man is facing charges of aggravated animal cruelty after an investigation determined that, according to police, the man "repeatedly struck and threw his dog against a wall."

According to a release from Brunswick Police Patrol Commander Marc Hagen, Robert LaChance was summonsed for Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, a class C crime, on March 10. Hagen said the charge against LaChance comes from a Feb. 28 complaint about LaChance's alleged mistreatment of Buddy, his year-old black Labrador mix.

Hagen said police investigated the incident and found that in addition to the reports that LaChance hit the dog and threw it against a wall, the dog was also suffering from an untreated fractured leg that had happened about a week before. Hagen added that the dog's fractured leg had to be amputated.

Brunswick Police Department
Brunswick Police Department

According to Hagen, LaCahnce no longer has custody of Buddy, and the dog is being treated at an "undisclosed veterinary location" until a new owner can be found.

LaChance is due to appear in Portland's Cumberland County Superior Court on May 17.


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