Now this is what I call true pumpkin beer.

Why yes, that is beer brewing is a very large pumpkin. Actually, it's a very special and award-winning pumpkin. This big pumpkin was grown by weatherman and pumpkin-growing aficionado Charlie Lopresti. He grew the gargantuan gourd this year and was top in the state. This pumpkin tipped the scale at 2080 lbs. It was also good enough to be the second largest ever on record.

As fun as I'm sure all of that was for Charlie, this is where the story truly takes a turn. As you can see in the post above, the pumpkin ended up taking a trip to Saco River Brewing in Fryeburg. At first it was there as an attraction, but then the real fun began.

Saco River Brewing via Facebook
Saco River Brewing via Facebook

Charlie and the Saco River Brewing crew went to work carving, clearing, and filling the big beast. According to Saco River Brewing's Facebook page, the brewers filled the pumpkin with a brand-new amber ale. The pumpkin is being used as a "fermentation vessel" for the beer, and is basically going to help the beer produce alcohol.

This is quite awesome. It is straight mad scientist stuff, like out of a horror or science fiction movie. It also combines two of America's most popular things: beer and pumpkins.

I know what you're thinking: pumpkin beer has been done. Sure, but like this? I'm not so sure other breweries are carving out 2,000 lb. gourds on the regular, or even on rare occasions. What Saco River and Charlie are doing here is quite special.

According to Saco River Brewing, the beer should be ready to go in December. However, the beer could still be fermenting in the pumpkin for a few more days. Talk about a cool thing to check out.

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