“No interns were harmed in the making of this video” observatory officials wrote.

Think back to your internship. What were your main duties? I mean, there's the usual errand running, coffee making, note taking, and basic entry level on the job training. Along the way, you're bound to get a few perks. (interning at a radio station meant more free CD's than I was getting from Columbia House and BMG) There are also a few drawbacks. (Whenever something inconvenient came up, "send the intern" could be heard from a voice bellowing down the hall.) Well, 'send the intern' hit next level this week on Mt. Washington.

According to the Mount Washington Observatory's Facebook page, Wednesday was the windiest day of the winter season today with a peak gust of 133 mph. How does that feel? Well, intern Eve was sent out into the elements, and the results were wild. However, the windstorm was legit, unlike say, this hilarious fail by the Weather Channel.

That's what I call peak on the job experience.


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