Prior to the Donald Trump rally in Lisbon, Maine, a young man made a definitive statement that he was there to make America great again and well...something less than great. 


Political exhaustion has undoubtedly settled in nationwide. Seemingly everyday for the past 6-8 months, we've all been inundated with stories about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Things they've said, things they've done and vice versa. But in case you don't believe that some of what the candidates say sticks with voters, use this as example A.

According to NECN, who shot this video outside of the Donald Trump rally in Lisbon, supporters for Trump were passionate and fervid that day. Including this unidentified man who can be found at 1:17 of the video embedded above. He had this to say

"I came here for two reasons. One, to make America great again, second, grab her by the p*ssy"

There's little argument that Trump rallies across the country have been a modern marvel of political patronage, and the one that took place in Lisbon was no exception. However, to hear a young individual repeat those lines in front of a news camera for the rest of the state and the world to digest still ranks as a bit shocking.

Or is it? Have we become numb to these words and this behavior? It's completely possible that this young man went to the Trump rally specifically to say something outlandish and there's no guarantee he truly supports the candidate. Even so, here we are, blogging about a guy from Maine who wants to grab her by the p*ussy.

America 2016.